Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Around Pudu market with Robin (Part 3)

Continuing our walk around Pudu market, the scenes are interesting and vibrant - people may stop for a while and pose but they're actually going on with their lives and daily chores. It's hard to get these kinds of scenes in the cleaned up western capitals and textureless shopping malls.

Below, we see a fellow intent on peeling onions - no tears, no running water baths, just everyday practical work. There's more plastic bags behind him and the styrofoam like cover in front of him is reflecting soft light onto his face like an expensive reflector or studio softbox. To be non intrusive, you don't want to get in the way of people's lives and you look for any light advantage that is environmental, ambient.

When you walk through the wet markets, the traders hop onto their 75 cc scooters to carry goods and themselves often. No Occupational Health and Safety, often no helmets, just being real. Others around their path watch out for each other and you and yell out warnings if you are unaware that you are in their way..

Crossing the road impromptu can be quite a challenge in Kuala Lumpur, compared to what I hear of Vietnam, it's relatively sedate and not a nail biting experience. 

Newspaper circulation are on a decline in the West, many people consume news off their digital devices. So far, it seems, Malaysians still have a use for newspapers and will use that to fill their time. I see more newspaper readers  in KL than in Melbourne even though Malaysians do love their digital devices.

Note: I've been using On1 Photo Raw 2017 quite a bit in these photos.

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