Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wishing for the 75mm f/1.8 M. Zuiko

I happened to be in Kuala Lumpur when Olympus Malaysia and the PEN Lovers Facebook group organised a hands on lens and modelling session (hands on the lens, ahem, hands off the ahem, models). Lots of people from the blogosphere and social community to meet and shake some hands.

Robin Wong, Luke Ding, Ming Thien, Aizuddin Danian, Raja Indera Putera. The stalwarts of the PEN Lovers group, Koon Yik, Yeow Chin Liang, Mun Keat and many good friends.

And a second encounter with the fab lens. People read words and jump to judgements. Is it too long (in focal length)? Is it too expensive? Well, it’s not full frame so the bokeh blur is not as smooth as a full frame lens. And so on.

Spend some time with the lens and you won’t want to give it back.


Voon said...

Absolutely agree w u. The lens is tempting . Nice to meet u

John Ragai said...

Hello Ananda,
First time visit your blog via Robin's blog. Informative and great images. Love it.
Thank you for sharing.
John Ragai

Ananda Sim said...

Hi Simon (Voon). Nice to meet you too. Hope to meet again. Keep up the good photos!

Ananda Sim said...

John Ragai - thanks for coming by. I'm older than Robin and I think too much.... but like to share my thoughts.