Sunday, 11 June 2017

After a long while…

I was having quite a bit of passion for photography and writing about it a while back. Then work and life caught up with me, I’m having less time to devote to this side of my soul. There was a time between 1991 and nearly 2000 when I paused my photography – when the film sat in my camera for a long while before processing, when digital photography had not come down to consumer price levels, when the Internet had not become ubiquitous. Oh and phones needed a wire to convey communications.

It’s different now, I’ve learnt that I feel empty without some photo narrative running along, however infrequent, regardless of whether it is mobile phone-camera or a regular camera. The Google+ social network and Facebook forums feed my need for photo companionship and inspiration. Happens several times a day – way more interaction than those old days.

So, what’s coming in subsequent blog articles? Some musings. Some discoveries and some eureka moments. Some gear talk. And oh, yes, some photos.

Keep an eye out.


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