Tuesday, 22 September 2009

APR – AnandaSim’s Photo Rating System

Ananda's Photo Rating System Edition 1.1

Note: Updated 22nd April 2013
See also Edition 2: Ananda’s 10

With increasing awareness brought by the accelerated learning that digital photography and the internet brings, I’ve sometimes thought of a rating system to assess my own as well as other photos I see.

Subject Choice Max 2 out of 10 aggregate points
Wow Factor (includes Story Telling) Max 2 out of 10 aggregate points
Visualisation – Covers Scene Lighting, Composition, Specific and explicit choice of exposure and other elements of rendering, presentational aspects Max 3 out of 10 aggregate points
Execution – the Technical Image Quality – Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness/Sharpening incorporating in-camera processing as well as post processing Max 3 out of 10 aggregate points
  1. The maximum possible score in each category is largely subjective. That’s intended. You preference for a Subject may be quite different from mine.
  2. The subjective parameters outweigh the technical parameters. That’s intended. Glorify art and life not gear.
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S:2 W:2 V:3 E:2 Agg:9
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