Monday, 6 October 2008

The Stages of a modern Photographer

Tongue in cheek

Stage 0: Which camera gives me the best IQ? Guys! Recommend me a camera! Anybody?

Stage 0.1: I'm serious, which camera gives me the best IQ, cut out the BS about the skill of the photographer.

Stage 0.2: I'm gonna buy a D3 or a 1D, your camera sucks. (See attached sample lab photos of paperclips shot with a D3 / 1D vs your crummy camera.)

Stage 0.3: Why does everything look blurry?
What does DOF mean?

Stage 0.4: Why is everything so white (or black?). What do you mean the camera doesn't fix things if I set the dial to "M"?

Stage 0.5: What doesn't the AF work properly when I point it at the shaggy black dog or the black cat? Should I send the lens in for a repair or the lens and the body?

Stage 0.7: But I want both the shadow and the sun - this camera can't be any good, it's only got 15 stops of Dynamic Range. Why do people's faces come out so dark?

Stage 0.8: Here's a photo of back of my dog, squirrel, kid - why can't they stay still? Why doesn't IS work?

Stage 0.9: Should I use or not use a UV filter? What other filters do you recommend?

Stage 0.99: And what filter should I use or should I just Photoshop it?

Stage 1: Why waste time shooting RAW? JPEG is lovely!

Stage 1.1: Aah, wasted all this time shooting JPEG. RAW rocks!

Stage 1.2: Help! My prints come out too dark! What do you mean I have to spend more money on a spider? What's a helicopter and a spider got to do with this?

Stage 1.3: RAW sucks! You know how much time I'm spending on the computer?

Stage 1.4: APS-C sucks. Go full frame! And don't let me get started on Four Thirds. Just look at the achievable low light high ISO noise and the MTFs.

To be continued...

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