Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Like The Movies (Creating A Cinematic Visual)

I've just come back from watching La La Land - a lot of things to like about the film. The allusions to old films and music interspersed thoughout the movie, the Fred Astaire tap dance segments, updated to a modern feel, the cinematic look. Yes, the cinematic look often enthralls me.

I guess I'm an incurable romantic, whatever my feet-on-the-ground life has been. Another film that dazzles me with colour, tone and visuals is The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Craven's use of colour is so magical.

And my favourite for a long time, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I guess in stills photography, I continue to have a fascination with colour.

A recent DIYPhotography article set me off thinking that I should have a long duration theme for some shots (maybe a year?) on creating some cinematic or close to cinematic stills myself. I will use the hashtag #justLikeTheMovies - I'd also like to see how other creatives make it happen, so come play with me,  please show me cinematic stuff and tag it with that tag. I will create a Google Plus page as a rallying point for G+ users where I spend a lot of my time.

I'm an Olympus camera user. For certain recent models of these cameras, you can simulate colour tints in the field - you can produce raw and jpeg and take the raw to produce more sophisticated processing or just use the jpeg SOOC as is.

There is also the older Art Filters approach

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