Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Growing Pains of Google+


Google+ is one of the youngest social networks around. Because it is sponsored by Google, this social network is growing faster than any other social network. It's not Number 2 after Facebook - and Facebook has been around for quite a while longer.

I enjoy Google+ because I'm interested in photography and evolving my appreciation, my taste and my skill.

I generally like Google+ but some people have mixed experiences. Here are some tips to help you enjoy yourself there.

Incoming Traffic

1. Create three circles. Name them Favourites, Approved, Pending.

2. Limit how many Favourites you have. If you have about 20 real true friends in real life, well, that's these.

3. Limit how many Approved you take in. If you feel they will overwhelm, limit these to 2x what you have in Favourites

4. Put the rest into Pending.

5. Set the volume of each circle contributing to the Home Stream.

  • Favs should be More
  • Approved should be Fewer 
  • Pending should not Show in the Home Stream

6. Do not add people just because they add you

7. Set Community posts to zero volume so that they do not invade your Home Stream.

Tweak points 2, 3 and 5 for your Home Stream

8. If the Home Stream continues to be overwhelmed and you are missing really favourite persons, do not visit the Home Stream. Only visit the Favourites, Approved or Pending directly.

Outgoing Traffic

1. If you have not established yourself and gathered people you like, join a Community and post there. After sometime, you will spot people you like and vice versa so engage with them. If you like each other you will have circled each other.

2. At the same time, establish you own identity, not the Community's by posting your own flavour of posts directly from yourself, not into the Community. If you feel that once in a while you want to share into the Community, post directly first, and then reshare into the Community. Donot only post into the Community because Community posts do not automatically appear in the public.

3. Post to Public to encounter new people. Participate in Themes to meet birds of a feather. On the other hand, if you have had too many encounters with strangers you don't like, create an Outgoing Circle to post out to.

Points People Ponder

A.  Do not gauge a person's worth by the number of followers. That is not a measure of worth

B. Do not gauge a photo's worth by the number of plusses. That is not a measure of worth.

C. If people like you or people like your photo - it just means someone does.  Be happy. Don't compare 10 against 10000 plusses or followers.
D. Why do you have thousands of people circle you but only a handful engage with comments or plusses? I don’t know. It could be that these thousands think this is Facebook – they want you to follow them so they follow you. This isn’t Facebook. Anyone can follow anyone – you don’t need permission. It could be that some brands or companies think following you is an SEO technique. Whatever. I don’t bother about them. It could be that you have been exposed in a Shared Circle or some Recommendations website – so people who want to fill their Home Stream and see the world go past have circled you.  Maybe some of them want to propose marriage or flash their bits at you. Don’t let it bug you.
E. Why does so and so have thousands and millions of followers but their published content is meh? That’s life. Same reason why certain restaurants or tourist sites get lots of hits. Does popularity equal refined taste? Do you bother to track them in real life? Really?
F. Why isn’t everyone you encounter or engage with on Google+ not your type? Huh? Does that happen in real life?

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