Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Matter of Taste

I've been musing on how our photos evolve and the evolution of Taste. It's a big thing, Taste, and coincidentally, +Catherine Hall highlighted in her post about the intent and feel of a Ralph Lauren ad and the compatibility with some of our perceptions, feelings.

Firstly, Taste is subjective. Personally so. There is of course a group or a communities's taste vs an individual's taste.

Secondly, Taste evolves. What you liked a few years ago may not be the same as what you like now.

Thirdly, Taste varies depending on circumstance. If you're full in the stomach, you may not want more of the same. If you've been sucking a sweet, a drop of lemon in the next moment feels excruciatingly sour.

Fourthly, your Taste (for example, of food) depends on what is possible. Maybe you can't cook well. And you can't afford to eat at expensive restaurants often. So, you might know that what you're tasting isn't the best but over time, you accept what you get.

I was musing this when I encountered the different results from different devices - phone cameras, small sensor compact cameras, larger sensor interchangeable cameras.

I encountered different results shooting near realistic photos (my native and usual style) vs Tone Mapping (artificially enhanced HDR visuals) vs equisolid / equidistant fish eye visuals.

So where do I stand on HDR (or what is commonly perceived to be HDR)? Or Fish Eye visuals?
Well I do them. Tastefully, of course.

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