Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Olympus Mirrorless Cameras Settings–the Live Super Control Panel

The Olympus Live Super Control Menu is very useful for the photographer who wants a dashboard that allows you to change settings. However, on the camera you have, it might be switched off as delivered.

Where to switch SCP on

Olympus cameras often have several Control Modes:
  • iAuto
  • P / A / S / M
  • ART
  • SCN
For each of those Control Modes, there are three alternative Quick Menus.
  • Live Guide
  • Live Control (reminiscent of the Point and Shoot Camera menus)
  • Live SCP
You can make each one of the quick menus available or not. On the camera, press 

Setup > Menu > D. Disp / Sound / PC > Control Settings

See this blog article if you want to see the screen displays.

Once you have switched on SCP, you can then use it.

    How to use the SCP

    1. Press the Ok button  to display the SCP.  See this DP Review article.
    2. Cursor to the rectangle by either
      1. rotating the dial
      2. touching the rectangle
      3. pressing the compass points of the dial / cluster
    3. Then either
      1. twirl the dial to change the setting or
      2. press Ok to display the horizontal bottom menu bar
    4. When the relevant choice is made, you do not have to press Ok, you can directly half press the Shutter Release

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