Monday, 14 January 2013

Olympus Mirrorless Camera Settings–Studio Electronic Flash

Updated: 15th January 2013
Camera settings are very subjective. This is my current profile for Studio shooting with Manual Electronic Flash Exposure

Camera: Olympus PEN E-PM2 – OM-D has more buttons and dials so adjust to taste


Scenario: Studio Flash work without ambient light. All flashes on manual control. Camera on manual control.

I assume that exposure settings are dictated by controlling the studio flash lights, lighting setup. Use the camera to vary f/no and ISO

These settings are so that the camera does not hamper your flow.


Exposure Mode Set “M” for Manual explicitly You have the option of buying a brace of automatic TTL exposure flash units and use the camera to interact and control the flash power that way. This scenario is about using manual flash units, non TTL controlled.
Shutter Speed 1/250th Reduce the effect of ambient light. Check whether the light is even and not cut off
+Paul Pavlinovich advises that if you use mixed triggering (radio & optical) on differing lights, you could run into issues where something slows the triggering. 1/125th is normally assumed to be comfortable shake reduced speed and the max for focal plane shutter models is not 1/250th.
f/no Initially f/8 Adjust to taste - your flash power, flash proximity mix, ambient light will affect your choice

These accessible via SCP

ISO 200 initially Use electronic flash to avoid going high ISO. Also reduces effect of ambient light. Can't go lower on this model of camera.
WB Flash WB  
Flash 1/64th Power (settable when no flash mounted) else Full (third party external flash mounted) Does not affect wireless flash trigger. Reduces the impact of the little kit flash if using optical triggering.
Sequential shots Single  
IS Off  
Focus S-AF Centre Spot  
Face and Eye Priority On  


A. AF/MF > Full time AF Off  
A. AF/MF > AEL/AFL > S-AF Mode 3 (AEL/AFL – S-AF)  
A. AF/MF > AEL/AFL > MF Mode 3 (AEL/AFL – S-AF)  
A. AF/MF > MF Assist On  
A. AF/MF > […] Set Home Single Point AF  
A. AF/MF > AF Illumination On For darkened studio. Off if the subject complains of the glare in their eyes.
B. Button/Dial > Button Function > Fn Function AEL/AFL  
B. Button/Dial > Button Function > Movie Button Test Picture Or Magnify if using non electronic lens  
B. Button/Dial > Button Function > Cursor Pad Buttons Off Assuming that Dial Lock is Off and set to f/no control.
B. Button/Dial > Button Function > Dial Function f/no  
B. Button/Dial > Button Function > Dial Lock Off To allow changing f/no conveniently – might be touchy
B. Button/Dial > Displ / Sound / PC > Live View Boost On When set to Manual Exposure, the viewfinder may go dark in a darkened studio
B. Button/Dial > Displ / Sound / PC > Shutter Release Beep On  

If you want to contribute any tips and ideas, happy to hear from you

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