Sunday, 27 May 2012

Olympus gets it right

After a long journey to reach this milestone, Olympus has got it right. Firstly the really competent OM-D / EM-5 that is attracting attention from hardened Canon / Nikon DSLR owners (and this before any advertising commenced). And the Olympus Australia gang has upped their visual impact like, awesomely striking

I encounter people discussing whether the Micro Four Thirds this or that could compete with a Canon DSLR or lens and what is the shock, horror, equivalence of f/1.8 from Micro Four Thirds in Full Frame terms.

What is the equivalence of this?

Is it this?

Are you serious? There is no equivalence.

Just rock back. Take off the “mine is bigger than yours attitude”. Enjoy. Seize The Day!

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