Friday, 2 December 2011

The ubiquitous Photoshop 8bf plugin

I’m not tuned into Photoshop although it is the de facto standard amongst post processing peers, the photo industry and graphic artists. I’ve sat in front of Photoshop several tines and then the MEGO syndrome hits me (My Eyes Glaze Over). Yes, there are certainly video tutorials, magazines, books dedicated to teaching and tutoring Photoshop techniques as befits a de facto, popularly recognised tool – we speak of Photoshopping in the same verb sense as Xeroxing.

I find though, I get on with Picasa (even though it is said to strip .icc profiles from processed JPEGs), Olympus Viewer 2, PAINT.NET and lately Corel Paintshop Pro X4.

The 8bf Photoshop effects Plugin though is another matter. Because Photoshop has become so popular, there are a host of free, then inexpensive, then expensive Photoshop plugins that have been published. Since I have been checking their compatibility with other programs, this article will detail some programs and how they can use the 8bf plugin.


Even though you might be running Windows 7 / 64 bit and some fancy hardware and software, some of the plugins require the following:

  • plugin.dll

You can get both from PSPUG. Both should be in your Windows SYSTEM folder. PUPUG also host many 8BF plugins as well.


PAINT.NET is a free editor. To use 8BF plugins, it needs PSFilterShim. After unzipping it, put it in the EFFECTS sub-folder where PAINT.NET is installed. Put the 8BF files in the same folder or sub-folders of the EFFECTS folder

Corel Paintshop Pro X4

PSP does not need assistance to use 8BF plugins. Put these plugins in the LANGUAGE\EN\PLUGINS subfolder where PSPX4 is installed. You can nominate a different folder for plugins by changing the setting in PSPX4 settings.

Helicon Filter

Helicon Filter is a RAW processor – much less publicised than Lightroom, Raw Therapee or Silkypix. Helicon Filter has a Plug-Ins sub folder – put the 8bf files there.


Installation of 8bf files in Irfanview is detailed at namesuppressed


Installation of 8bf files in XnView is detailed here.

Mediachance Photo-Brush

Installation of 8bf files in Photo-Brush is explained in the help.

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