Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Olympus Korea gets it right, again

Just caught up with some Youtube videos of Olympus advertising. My vote goes again to Olympus Korea. Simple, understated sell line. Just works. Communicate:

  • It's small - not a camera phone but it's small enough to ride a push bike with
  • It can't be too heavy the way he's holding it (well it is, but the ad doesn't make it like it is)
  • It can fit a longish zoom - well not a bazooka but he seems to be happy with the zoom. Notice he's not on his bike for that.
  • It's fast enough AF to catch the girl. No need to bring out the number crunching calculator and compare with DSLRs, it just is fast enough to focus and get a shot.
  • Autofocus detects stuff that you wouldn't be bothered to concentrate on. Point and shoot. Yeah. "You pick the subject, let the camera do the rest" - uh, where have I heard that before?
  • Won Bin's holding it - he must be some hot celebrity amongst his fans - if he uses it, ok, must be good enough for his fans.
  • His photos are not arty - he's just shooting everyday fun shots that any guy might shoot.
There's no need to thump the desk, get endorsement from some pro photog that the man in the street would not identify.

  • He feels good with it, shouldn't you?

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