Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Amazing in its white brilliance

This is quite an amazing shot for me. The building is quite mundane although I have not figured out what that rectangular arch above the footpath is - it does not seem to have any functional use.

Anyway, I've shot the building a few times but the results have not been of any consequence. This time, I whipped out the Samsung Galaxy S Android phone with the HDR Camera+ app. Three quick JPEG shots later, here it is.

You can see a niggly rainbow from the moire pattern caused by blending of three shots but this is the scene as your eyes would see it. The white paint is searing bleached white in the sun, although your eyes might see some texture as they would be better than any camera sensor. The shadows would be dark and deep but again, your eye might pick up some shadow detail. And the footpath is that off grey colour with the wall bricks a little beigy.

It would be pretty hard to capture all the tones with a conventional shot from even a better camera but this IDHDR allows a puny camera phone with this leeetle small sensor to render a whole lot of detail and tonality.

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