Monday, 27 June 2011

When Camera Advertising is More Effective

We've been lamenting how Olympus makes superb gear, well thought out, gentle and genteel, with a flair for breaking out of conservatism. But in many instances, the relevant marketing efforts in each country, well, they can't market for nuts. Really. I had a look at YouTube and these are the ad styles that I would pick. It's very hard to establish a hunger to want to buy your product in 30 seconds - priming the public on tech supremacy is just, well, ineffective. So don't. Establish the need some other way.

Give it to an Idol to show
(and for heavens sake, not Kevin Spacey spouting grumpy old negatives - Kevin himself is better than that)

Lifestyle - make it look easy

Talk Straight but twist it with the incongrouous

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