Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Return of the Native

This isn’t a reference to the Lord of The Rings trilogy, which is something that is more modern, considering the movies. I have in my mind, more the Thomas Hardy novels that I read when I was much younger.

I’m visiting Mum – the past few years has been a new deal for me with respect to perspectives of Malaysia. There’s a whole jumble of sentiments, perspectives, detractions yet positives, nostalgia, relationships – the lot. Does having a landmark birthday bring upon such ruminations of lost opportunities and what to do for now and for the future?

As I encounter a flood of regrets (it gets tough as the emotional and psychological baggage increases) as well as a sense of helplessness of how to handle the future, Malaysia is one place where ruminations don’t become abstract without interruption. There’s so much going on as life keeps living and moves on, whether you’re debris in the flotsam or steering a purposeful boat, there’s more to come and coming now.

Took a walk with Mum – she only does a short circuit, so I went out for a slightly longer one (the urgency to lose the tum is quite an imperative, although a feeble one).

I was kinda looking for the “golden light” of the morning – it comes at a different time of the morning in Malaysia and at a different angle.

It’s a new day of course. What’s surprising for me, is that the sky is blue and the clouds are white and fleecy. The V705 can even be convinced render the scene. The past few times, Kuala Lumpur has had a thin grey, polluted gauze of a sky.

This is a middle class suburb, with a whole range of residents. My sis is into greenery regardless of the size of her garden area – she works really hard at it, it’s a hobby and a passion for her, like photography is for me. It liberates the inner soul.

Signs on lamp posts have been around for a while. They seem to be breeding. Someone wants to sell a fridge, a washing machine and the ubiquitous Astro equipment. Maybe they want to rent out a lorry (truck) as well….

When I was a child, we used to look at birds on the wires between lamp posts. There are still lamp posts, but lately, a Kagi antenna sees to be a preferred choice.

I think this photo above is just gorgeous. It’s with the Kodak V705. I could have rushed back to get the Oly DSLR or I could have carried the DSLR with me in my shorts, old tee shirt and open sandals. Nah. It was comfortable and more convenient with the V705.

The tropical climate – sunshine, heat, rain brings easy growth. Residents love to have something to please the eye – the plant on the left has hairy leaves and spikes. On the right, there seems to be some umpela dwarf variant

These yellow flowers are distinctive.

Nice and peaceful huh?

What do we know about human nature? Peace and a comfortable existence is fragile. Seems this part of the housing estate (that’s what they call a block of houses in Malaysia), there’s a war broken out. This family who’ve been residents for more than 30 years are neighbours to a tuition school.

After school tuition has been popular and commonplace in Malaysia since my primary school days. Tuition classes are held in linked shop houses (commercial establishments) as well as homes of teachers – it’s a small overheads, fair revenue stream. Parents and kids identify good places and come to learn.

Unfortunately the neighbour seems to be very popular and traffic and parking in conveying students has become such a nuisance that a local war has broken out. This resident has taken to blocking off the road and various parties have taken to scratching the car paintwork as well as other misdemeanours.

And so, the day passes.

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