Sunday, 10 January 2010

I need theatre in the taste, not so much the presentation

Sis and I were viewing a Master Chef episode. You know, the one where they are down to four and Justine was knocked out with that chocolate mousse. There was good ol’ Mr. Cravat. Matt Preston. I wonder what he would say about my favourite fruits.

Every time I come to Malaysia, I hope to have a mouthful of Bee Cheiu – that’s a small banana with thin, easily bruised skin. The taste is superb. It doesn’t have the coarse “I am carbohydrate startch"” blandness of Aussie bananas – it’s a very delicate sweetness that leaves a gentle end of taste in your mouth.

Because it is easily bruised, it may not stand the rigours of transportation to supermarkets and so on. But it is heavenly.

As heavenly as chiku. I mean real Malaysian chiku.

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