Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Head of Kodak Kuala Lumpur Advertising Department

I was on the DPR Kodak forum (where we have a nice social camraderie) and posted a photo of the first advertisement I had ever seen (in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur) extolling the features of Kodak Smart Capture in their cameras. Kodak has been through a tough financial year (well, several) and their camera business is sadly in some disarray. Lots of what looks like oem models (i.e. somebody makes them, maybe somebody designs them, proposes them, makes them – an Original Equipment Manufacturer with a name beginning with F… with factories in South East Asia and elsewhere). Kodak diehards were horrified to hear that one of the new gen 9xx series ceased production just before 2009 Christmas and New Year holiday sales season, goss being that they had contracted the oem for a fixed number of units, contract satisfied earlier than expected (hey something went right, sales were good) but the manufacturing and distribution dried up at such a crucial time. This is goss, we won’t know the truth.

Anyway, we love our Kodaks, old and new and I was thrilled to see scooter rider (in sandals, teeshirt) flying the flag at an intersection. Chiue reckons he’s the head of Kodak Kuala Lumpur Advertising Department. Maybe they’re starting a viral ad campaign at the grass roots? Maybe….. Tags: ,,,
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