Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fun with an older digital camera

I took my 4 megapixel Olympus C-750uz out of storage, fitted the 1.7x TCON and went shooting with it as a second camera. I used it for long range shots. After moving on to a DSLR and coming back to this, I became more patient with it. Also, I'm taking the time to work with Photoscape, some Photoshop Add-Ins through Mediachance Paintbrush and Fotoflex (for frames). Hope you like these.

The Harley shot - I'm amazed at the clarity and detail. Hint: It's not monochrome.

The Harley

Waiting for the ferry at Southbank - this one is Monochrome - converted in Mediachance Paintbrush, framed with the AAA Frames Photoshop plugin, resized using Bilinear 2-Pass and sharpened with USM defaults.

Waiting for the ferry

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