Monday, 13 October 2008

Brain a bit tired

Trying hard to concentrate on a database thing, a bit tired. Let's hear a bit of Lee Ritenour in Night Rhythms - dig his bassman's work.

Then, there's Is It You?
Lee's inspired a fair number of artists. Have a look at the seriousness of the Phillipino, Lee in Co-E-sion

Even Mas Que Nada inspires him

I've been a Spyrogyra fan since their first album. Here they are, years ago in Morning Dance and more recently at Jak Jazz. They've lost the frenetic percussionist. Here's one I am not familiar - Cayo Hueso:

Lee Ritenour likes Brazilian music. Here he is is with Ivan Lins

I first heard George Benson's version of Dinorah. Here is Ivan's.

Speaking of George, I didn't know he did a set with Carlos Santana

Long ago, there was Mountain Dance. It's still a classic.

For something really new, here's Brian O'Neal with Mesmerised

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