Friday, 29 August 2008

Ways to spend your money

State of the DSLR market: Nikon vs. Canon vs. ...Image by penmachine via Flickr In a reply to Rahul Bhatia, who asks whether one would upgrade to an Olympus E-520 from an Olympus E-510 DSLR and why or why not, I said:

Look at what you need right now to grow. By the way, can you show us some of your photos? It helps to see them to keep our discussion in context. I want to grow as a photographer, not grow my equipment collection - that's not the point.

Right now, I'd like an articulating, large high res 3" LCD screen. A body of minimum 8MP that costs AUD 300 so that I can have two bodies. A tele lens, probably the 70-300mm. Something that will help AF indoors. A flash, with light stand, brolly, reflector and some skills to use it outdoors and indoors for people photos. PP skills in layers and object removal. A pressure sensitive tablet. A Dell 24" LCD monitor. A colour calibration spyder. An A3 colour printer. A 7" netbook that lasts 6 hours on batteries that has video in and card reading. Time and money to go to Thailand, India, parts of Europe, maybe China.

There are so many things I want to buy that can improve my photography.

Changing camera body isn't gonna help me learn or improve as much.

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