Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Living with the 7-14mm UWA

Once in a while, someone comes by the Olympus DSLR forum on DPREVIEW and asks for any tips on the Olympus 7-14mm Zuiko Digital ultra wide angle (14mm - 28mm Equivalent Focal Length). I'm still on my learning journey, it's one of those journeys where the passage is as important as the destination. Here are some of my notes:

Know that there are two types of shots with this lens. - Exaggerated Perspective vs

Prim and Proper.

To ensure some rightness in the shot, you could

  • use a less wide focal length
  • use software to offset converging lines
  • hold the camera level.
  • a flat object, head on.

The lens at widest field of view, actually runs out of DOF (Depth of View) if you use the maximum aperture of f/4. This makes things blurry and give you the feeling of coke bottled zoom.

On the other hand, darkness helps cloak exaggeration and shallow DOF.

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