Saturday, 24 January 2009

Adobe DNG is not RAW (yet….)

Lots of people say the cmera makers should give up on proprietary RAW file formats and adopt the Adobe DNG file format. Here's an opposite point of view from
DNG is not an open standard in that it does not document all the essential information contained in current RAW format files like NEF and CR2 (which also don't document this information). In many ways, DNG can be viewed as simply yet another RAW format with undocumented information - except that DNG has the added risk that information can be lost during conversion to/from DNG and other RAW formats.
Updated: 24th Jan 2009
Seems the OpenRAW initiative was not supported by any vendor – that’s pretty hard to sustain. Barry Pearson wrote a long riposte to that DNG article on OpenRAW and currently lists a lengthy itemisation of hardware and software support for DNG. Tags: ,,
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