Saturday, 15 March 2014

What Makes The Difference

Amidst all the Gear Acquisition Syndrome, the Pixel Peeping, the High Dynamic Range ubiquity, the ennui, I'm searching for self, for the why.

From the dpreview interview with Benjamin Von Wong

"I have a story of a guy who quit his job, who embraced this idea of living a dream and traveling and inspiring; and I speak, I communicate. I am an entertainer as much as I am a photographer. I have the ability to do more than take pictures. I can write, I can shoot, and I can direct, and I can do videos. That's what makes me unique, not my photography. Everyone has this experience that they can sell, they just need to figure out how to package it all together - and then you can sell it to somebody."

I'm not (yet?) into money from photography, I'm just seeking myself.

Monday, 24 February 2014

What’s the Key?

There’s been a spate of new Mirrorless Interchangeable Cameras released the past few months. The Olympus OM-D EM-1 made the news. Flagship, milestone camera – superfast autofocus, fastest in the Olympus family. A nice bunch of classic and current model lenses with more to come. Then Sony rumbled with the Sony A7 duo – full frame (wow!, the words just excite by themselves, Full effing Frame – pardon the lapse in language). You’d think that the gear lust-ers had reached their ultimate nirvana. Rest and chew the Lotus, and all that. No. No. Just announced and being released, the Fuji X-T1 – it’s not Full Frame, but suddenly, what’s the joy in that huh? It looks like a classic Contax RTS. Hardly have time to the drool off the screen with ry with a micro fibre cloth. Ditch the Sony. Get this. Get on the Gear Acquisition Syndrome train. Get on it before the months pass. Before the next must-have-better-than-the-last model appears. Either that or find a Life Expert.