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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Better in Black and White

After a long time away from film, I shot a roll of expired Rollei Retro 100 – it reminded me of Agfapan 100 that I used to shoot in the late 1970s.

But these days, film is messy and expensive – you pay for the roll, you pay for the processing and optionally the scanning and the scanning (for a 35mm film) may have hideous tramlines and dust artifacts.

So I thought, how well does Kodak do in their cams with black and white? I mean, born in the camera but lightly adjusted later. Because, black and white to me is about visualisation and visualisation in monochrome is difficult for me these days when colour is prolific. Well, not too bad. Kodak V705.

The Dance


The Look

And another

Friday, 12 September 2008


More important than sheer Image Quality of a photo is the photographer's Empatico - with the subject. Explains why there are so many vignettes floating around, or water colour style renditions of ordinary scenes that lift them above the ordinary. I tried a personalised treatment of the grafitti scene below - it was Photoscaped with a dose of Velvia-like colouration.

From Melbourne

This scene was very much in the air when these girls came with their point and shoot flash.

People shoot the strangest things

From Melbourne

The Beemer in the alley was mysterious as well.

From Melbourne
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