Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Zooming vs Walking


I love prime lenses for the "normal" field of view, wide and ultra wide in most of my photos. I use zooms for telephoto (or if I can't afford a bright telephoto, I use tele primes). 

I've had medium zoom kit lenses and they're not what I prefer except when I need the immediacy of changing angle of view, standing on the spot, in an event like a parade. I find zoom lenses in the wide-normal range induce me to stand in one place and frame the subject - the lack of diversity in perspective stifles my composition. Yes, certainly I can walk nearer or further but illogically, my brain says "hey, you've framed the shot, no need to move".

The mechanics and rationale behind changing focal length (zooming) vs changing distance are well discussed in this video by This Place and highlighted by DIY Photography


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