Monday, 30 May 2016

When Image Quality isn't the Focus

One night, while waiting for a family member on a rainy wintery night, I tried a cinematic shot or two.

Currently, my favourite alley

As the eye darts around, different people on their night out

The great thing about having friends who enjoy photography is that you have someone to share your images and your creativity with.  +Paul Pavlinovich hatched on the Film Noir motive and got a few of us out on a short but very enjoyable night photo walk.

The two men make such a picture, but ok, if you like the glasses in bokeh...

Suits in Conversation

My favourite alley, this time with kitchen staff on a break

The mist of warm food and a warm room

A warm, nice last image for this set.
Conventional and conservative wisdom repeatedly emphasises "Image Quality" above all other aspects of the image. I decided to shoot this series with old gear, with an emphasis on nice tones, potentially old style focus fall off but not necessarily exceptional ISO noise, autofocus or viewfinder. I needed the images to be attractive but was quite happy to put IQ considerations in the back seat. I enjoyed the exercise and the results.

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