Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Notes for next time. Chinese New Year Lion Dances at Glen Waverley

One thing that detracts from my success in achieving the shots I want, is I have a poor memory, fail to write things down after I encounter issues. This means the next year when I attend a similar event, I forget what sunk me the previous time. Here are my notes for this year's Chinese New Year event at Glen Waverley (but it applies to similar Chinese New Year incidents in other locations).

For the door to door lion dances (this year it was 2 pm to 4:30 pm), we had a high dynamic range scene. The sky is super bright courtesy of Melbourne Summer's day. The shaded shop frontage where the lions dance is several stops darker.

ISOAuto200As needed to ensure high shutter speed
Shutter SpeedAperture Priority1/320 variable1/500 fixedCan't use Shutter Priority because Samyang is non electronic lens. Maybe enable Auto ISO for Manual Exposure mode. Fix Shutter Speed at 1/500
Post ProcessingLightroomRecover highlights severely, use other adjustments
FocusFocus right slippedInfinityUse sticky tape to hold the focus ring stays at infinity. Check position several times during the session

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