Thursday, 31 October 2013

Quick advice to a Facebook Friend about Google+

Benefits of using Google+

  • You can highlight your blog entries in G+ easily so that people who circle you can read well laid out content
  • You can embed G+ entries in your blog so that you display fresh, imrpromptu content more frequently - blogs are too formal, too hard to post to quickly
  1. Circle those people you find have interesting photos and engage with them to inspire each other
  2. No need for reciprocation in "Friending" like Facebook - some people you just don't want to see everyday
  3. Look for and enjoy new talent, new photos without needing consent from people to "Add as Friend"
  4. Put people you like in your Circles so that you see their stuff. Remove people you think are boring or have tastes which are not compatible with you
  5. Mute or Block or Report nasty people who don't add to your happiness
  6. Post Public to gain exposure to people of the same interests, if undesirables become painful change the ratio of Public vs Private Posts 
  7. Add a few lines of description in your profile and put on a profile pic (you don't have to use your face yet if you don't want but don't use a scary avatar or take some Hollywood celebrity as your avatar)

Sit back and watch your stream come through. Engage when you want to praise someone and they will return the praise on your art if they find it is interesting to them

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