Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tips for newbies to Google+ and newbie amateur photographers

I’ve been on Google+ for a while now. Google+ is young and evolving social network. As more people come on board and different types of people (age, gender, educational and life background, cultural and national background) affect this social network’s aggregate vibe. And the network’s developers and corporate direction also evolves the vibe.

So, here I am, thinking about how I can advise these new people about how to enjoy photography, soak up the love of the Google+ people can offer. I’ll note that these are my perceptions and perceptions are subjective, personal and….evolve.
  1. Don’t be timid or stingy in taking lots of photos. Shoot lots if shooting lots helps you understand the gear and the technique.
  2. Do pick out shots to share. If you shoot 100 shots in a session, that does not mean you should upload oh, 80 or more to an album and share. More than say, 30 shots gives even your fans, nausea and ennui as they initially look through and then subsequently force themselves to go through the album. Having too many shots in one album undermines the importance of each shot. Exceptions may be when you are submitting a set for people in a crowd to pick a photo where they appear.
  3. The point about picking out shots to share is to develop your sense of taste and choice. Developing your sense of taste and choice is as important as learning how to shoot, what to shoot.
  4. Make it clear when your shot is to celebrate your joy and when it is to seek critique. We’re all human. Sometimes you want to share a shot that might be technically awful but it is a source of joy. Some people can’t or won’t read your mind. They say the weirdest, unexpected things at the wrong times. Develop strategies to handle such incidents for them and for your ego. Remember, be social.
  5. It’s ok to make several posts of photos a day when you’re feeling all warmed up by the joy of a good session. How many is too many? Depends on a lot of things. You’ll know when people start unCircling you. Or Muting you. Or putting you in a Circle which does not show to their main stream. Being unCircled, you can tell. But being muted or put into a zero volume circle, you can only deduce or guess. Don’t go overboard.
  6. Think about your freedom to do what you want when you post direct from your account vs posting into a Community. Some people don’t have much experience with Google+ and they think the Community is all of Google+. Google+ offers the independence of self as well as the ready eyeballs of Community members. If you post independently to the Public circle, you have much freedom. If you have not engaged much on Google+ however, you won’t have many people circling you. If you post into a Community, there are lots of eyeballs but the Community owner, the moderators will have guidelines and rules on what you can or cannot do.
Food for thought.

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