Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Seasons Greetings / Merry Christmas

I’ve been head down in non photographic work – that’s why I haven’t been writing on photography that much. 2011 is coming to an end, it’s been a good year, photographically, for me. I got myself an Olympus E-620 to replace my E-330 that failed. And some months later, the E-PL1. I also shot a few rolls of film on my old Minolta X-700 and my new-old SRT-101.

I haven’t gone through everything I’ve shot on my hard disk, but I thought a few shots from flickr would be nice to review.

Film patina

Above is film shot with real light leaked right edge. The patina of warm browns and hazy unsharpness is a lovely memory of that day’s shooting.

All that glitters

Women’s shoes have attracted my interest in previous years, but this year showed a resurgence of the thick heeled platforms from my Uni days. Of course, if they are in gold, they are super scrumptious.

NVW-1 in the woods

Paul was kind enough to invite us on his maintenance checks for the Puffing Billy railway. It was a wet day and we were a little exposed to the elements sitting on the side of NWV-1. This was taken with the very special 7-14mm Super High Grade Zuiko Digital ultra wide angle lens. A really sharp scenic lens as long as one remembers to stop down to f/8 to avoid over shallow depth of field.

Enjit Enjit Semut

I saw these Nonya Ladies at the Malaysian Festival in Melbourne. Their sarung-kebaya garb with kerosang reminds me so much of what mum used to wear in her younger days.


I see this some evenings and never tire of its beauty.


cy.leow said...

Happy NY greeting from NZ! Wow! Not many photog own the Olympus 7-14! I use my Panasonic 7-14 on E-P2, much cheaper :)
Kind Regards - C.Y.

AnandaSim said...

Hi C.Y. I follow your blog and admire your work. The Pany 7-14 is not cheap mah, the Oly 9-18 is cheaper. The 7-14 is a pregnant monster with a steep cap for a cover. I love the sharpness and is my visual reference as to how sharp it can be. I am quite sayang to let it go but I am attracted to the small size of the 9-18 and 7-14 Micro Four Thirds lenses.

Are you permanently in NZ now? Keep in touch. Are you on Google+?