Sunday, 24 April 2011

On the future of the Olympus E-Series DSLR

"Watanabe: On the new product plans to disclose here, E Series, a double-digit model number and (E-5 and E-30), we will certainly continue to introduce products, E system is certainly some of the features PEN series can not be achieved. The E series of triple-digit products, we will consider the use of PEN series replaced. PEN series of lenses we will continue to research and development, and 4 / 3 system lenses will not interrupt research and development. PEN series of shots that we think are not enough, the recent focus may be on the PEN series."
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Updated 2nd June 2011:

Q. 2) Will future E-Series Digital SLRs be Micro-Four-Thirds based or Four-Thirds based with optical viewfinder?
A. 2) E-X and E-XX DSLRs will continue as long as mirrorless systems can't fulfill SLR users demand. We don't know when we will have technologies that will be able to substitute this camera class."

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