Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Living with an Android

I had the Olympus PEN E-PL1 (painful suffix that, have to press a bunch of keys to PL1 – there, did it again) but not on me (so to speak). Knox City is a mecca for the middle class raising-a-family and teens-wanna-have-fun-and-grow-up crowd, yet No Photography rules all over the Ozone.

But I had the Samsung Galaxy S in my pocket when I encountered this gorgeous Red Vespa. Unfortunately on the way in, the 8%$@ phone was frozen again, doing some data sync and presumably consuming 100% CPU – darn poor Process Priority “Give” and unpredictable app startups. Went into Teds, Harvey Norman’s, had a KFC (yes, I knoooow!), bought some nice big chestnuts and a $19 pair of Logitech 2.1 computer speakers (they’re cheap but no Creative mid-range sweetness at all).

Anyway, second chance, the Vespa had not moved, so put down the Logitech box, chestnuts, fired up the Vignette Android App (paid version). Just love the Red.

Red Vespa 1

Isn’t this just like, cool?

Red Vespa 2

And just one more

Red Vespa 3


Pilot said...

Great pics.

And you are absolutely right about android.

Also, I would have never guessed the photos are from a phone!

Ashutosh said...

Get a windows phone. Great UI. Great features and very reliable.