Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The old KB 18

For a few years, I gave up on carrying the film SLR. My Minolta XE-1 had run into shedding its flock and the silvering of the mirror was disintegrating, my X-700 was fine but I could not bring myself to completing a roll of film, even if it was 12 exposures. There didn’t seem enough to shoot at and the SLR was cumbersome and expensive to carry around. For that interim period, I got a near disposable Kodak KB-18. Kodak has a weird sense of balance – for such a cheap camera, Kodak has a support page just like its more expensive cameras. The pdf manual is online. It even has a FAQ article on Premature Rewind – is that as embarrassing to you as it is for me to discuss?

The KB 18 is no more, it broke a few years ago. But what nostalgia.

Picture of Kodak KB-18 camera

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