Saturday, 25 October 2008

Number One's been asked to improvise Blues Trombone

Joseph AlessiImage via WikipediaI was just searching YouTube, came across this: Sinatra and Jobim. Sinatra's smoking away, a taboo now, but it was de riguer then.

Slide Hampton playing Sentimental Mood

Joseph Alessi, Scott Hartmann, Christian Lindberg, Branimir Slokar and Michel Becquet playing a jazz medley together after the end of the International Trombone Summit 1995 Tokyo

Gunhilde and Gerd, two sisters from the remarkable Swedish Carling Family band, play a trombone duet with the usual driving accompaniment from other family members - particularly mum Aina. This clip taken from the 3 day Stockamollen Swing festival in Sweden in June 2007.(TCA47 has since told me the piece is called "Jubilee Stomp")

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