Monday, 20 October 2008

Earl Klugh makes a comeback

lee ritenour signing autographs in Hong Kong, ...Lee Ritenour via WikipediaI have listened to Earl Klugh for so many years. Earl and Lee Ritenour started my listening to Jazz (along with Jim McLeod of the ABC Australia's Jazztrack). Those days there was George Mammen listening with his Prado cartridge and those German mini speakers...

Earl was there throughout the 1980s, 1990s but I lost interest because his albums became too layered and formulaic. This year, 2008, he comes back after 9 years away in The Spice Of Life.

Visiting his website, I just heard Angelina, a favourite of Lim Kang's

myFox Boston has a video clip of an interview. He plays Canadian Sunset - something I remember of the music my Dad had on his vinyl LPs. One thing with Earl and Lee, they seem to have both lost their hair and they both had hair on their 1980 albums.

There is a forum on his website with video links. Some of them:
  • Heartstring - that must be the most worn out track on my vinyl and my cassette (remember those?) - memories of Eugene, Taman Seputeh, Mum and Dad, driving in K.L in the Colt and the Cordia.
  • The Girl from Ipanema

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