Saturday, 4 October 2008

Dreaming in Melbourne

There is a field of Dreamers in Melbourne for the Festival. Chia and I went for a shoot. It turned out sunny on Saturday, lots of interesting angles. Hard to chimp and think though. The bright sun made LCD viewing difficult and I had to figure out whether the white Dreamers would bias exposure towards dull greys or whether the metering system would be completely confused and burn the highlights. In the end, I bracketed but not enough EV 0.7 is a minimal bracket in such situations and to have clear differences, it would be better to go for EV 1 or EV 1.3. But then, do you bracket to get near choices or do you bracket to throw away the extremes? If you bracket to throw away the extremes, then why bracket?

With a field of Dreamers do they dream all the same dream or do they dream contentiously?

The Dreamers Argue

Do we dream in the sun or only in the dark?

Dreamers see the light

And the perennial, do you dream in colour

The Pink Dreamer

or in black and white

From Dreamers

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