Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Tokina 200mm manual focus lens

Olympus E-510Image via Wikipedia I have this 250mm f/5.6 Minolta Rokkor MD mount legacy manual focus lens from my film SLR days. Put it on an eBay MD to FourThirds adapter and shot a few. Forum participants think that the bokeh is a little ferocious:

So while passing Micheal's Camera Store in Melbourne, I happened on this Tokina 200mm f/3.5 mm lens. It's a metal and glass that feels real solid and cold in your hands. The focussing action is smooth - completely different feel from modern rubber and fibreglass covered lenses. So I took it today to Blackburn Lake and incidentally met Maruhan.

Focussing the 200mm at f/3.5 is easier than the 250mm CAT at f/5.6 - there is a much longer travel in the focussing mechanism and the f/3.5 is brighter, with a more definite in-focus image visual. However, operating with the Olympus e-510 viewfinder and this lens is not as much fun nor is it as fast as my shorter reach standard 40-150mm autofocus Zuiko Digital kit lens zoom. I'd say I would get less than 50% keepers due to manual focus error. Here are some results.

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